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Joseph Maharaj

Operations Executive


Joseph Maharaj knows a lot about real estate and cryptocurrencies, and he also has a strong background in running a business. Once he got into Penn, he became very interested in business strategy and management in general. Soon after he graduated from the Wharton School, Joseph Maharaj began a wide range of professional experiences, including management and leadership roles in many fields. Mahesh has started a lot of new LLCs and projects in 2019 to keep up with his business activities.

After high school, Maharaj got into the University of Pennsylvania and spent the rest of his time there getting a business degree. At the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, he went to school for a long time and learned a lot. During his time in college, he was exposed to a wide range of academic resources, which helped him understand how important leadership is in the business world.

Joseph Maharaj did well at the top business school at the Wharton School because it was a supportive place. While he was in college studying liberal arts, he became interested in the larger social and cultural factors that affect how well businesses do. In addition to what he learned in class, Maharaj realized how important it was to make good professional connections.

In 2004, Joseph Maharaj was given a bachelor's degree in business. Based on what he learned at the Wharton School, Maharaj decided to go into business. After he graduated from the Wharton School, Joseph Maharaj used what he had learned right away. In the 15 years that followed, he became an Operations Executive, a Project Management Professional, and an Expert in Change Management. As Maharaj's career went on, he was always looking for new ways to help his company's mission and the people he managed.

It took Maharaj ten years to move up in business. As his projects got more complicated, it got harder for him to manage smaller, more focused teams. Joseph Maharaj was in charge of a number of projects, which gave him the chance to improve his skills as a leader. He took full responsibility for all of the important things he was in charge of. With more power, he was able to manage a growing number of complicated business and strategic planning tasks.

Since then, Joseph Maharaj has learned a lot about how teams work and how to lead them. As a boss and teacher, he gave his employees a sense of ownership and responsibility. The ideas and philosophy of Six Sigma had a big effect on Joseph Maharaj's life. He got his Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt because he knew how to use the Lean Six Sigma method well. For this prestigious credential, applicants must show that they have a deep understanding of lean ideas.

After a long career in corporate America, Joseph Maharaj decided in 2019 to focus only on real estate. He decided to invest in multifamily properties in the area because he knew how the market was going and what people wanted.

He made Joseph Maharaj Capital Investments LLC so that he could keep track of his real estate holdings, which were growing all the time. This business was officially set up on September 17, 2021, even though it was already up and running and growing. On the other hand, Joseph Maharaj, a fan of cryptocurrency, is one of the people who is most excited about this new technology. During his work, he had a good sense of how the market was moving. On December 14, 2021, he started Kingmaker Digital Assets LLC and registered it as a business for his cryptocurrency interests.

Family Meets LLC was formed on December 14, 2021, by Joseph Maharaj, a supporter of family-friendly travel. In the near future, he wants his Connecticut Domestic LLC to make a family-friendly travel website and a series of family-friendly travel blogs. Maharaj is sure that this investment, like his past ones in real estate and cryptocurrencies, will be a huge success.

Joseph Maharaj and his wife have been married for about 15 years. They enjoy taking part in cultural and community events in the Goldens Bridge, New York area. In Lewisboro, New York, he has taught tee-ball and coached baseball for the past four years. Maharaj gives back to the community by going to church and other social events.